Grams Performance was a proud vendor at Raceworz in Fontana, May 6th 2017

Grams Performance was a proud vendor at Raceworz in Fontana, May 6th 2017...


What an event it was! A bit cloudy and tiny bit cold cold, ok ok, very cold for May, but hey... The  crowd was great! Food was delicious and the cars were cool! That's all that matters, right? We had Albert @Savage8six and his #gramsfueled Holly in our booth. And we spotted more #gramsfueled cars at the event so look through our album and enjoy!

Raceworz Fontana_1

Our sponsored driver Matt @nvus_4dr from Team NvUS was sporting our injectors, fuel regulator paired with fuel pressure gauge.
Raceworz Fontana Raceworz Fontana_14 Raceworz Fontana_13

Here are some early morning shots, we were still setting up.
Raceworz Fontana_12 Raceworz Fontana_11

Next to us we had Dave Zehntner and his classy #gramsfueled S2K.
Raceworz Fontana_10 Raceworz Fontana_9

Douglas @Sucio_5o, our new customer service rep was showing off his 2012 Mustang GT and our all new DBW throttle body. Raceworz Fontana_8 Raceworz Fontana_7

Johnny @fg4_garfield_coupe was representing Kraftwerks USA and Team NvUs. His #gramsfueled 9th Gen Civic Si got a lot of attention.  Raceworz Fontana_6Raceworz Fontana_5 Raceworz Fontana_4

Check out Holly's DBW throttle body. Albert was one of the first testers on 2017 BRZ with the new intake manifold. Raceworz Fontana_3 Raceworz Fontana_2

Thank you for attending the show and supporting the community! Stay focused and FUEL YOUR POWER!