Grams Performance & Design vs. Skunk2 Racing 72mm DBW Honda/Acura Throttle Body

Grams Performance & Design vs. Skunk2 Racing DBW Comparison...


Grams Performance & Design recently released the 72mm DBW Honda/Acura Throttle Body for the 06-15 Civic Si, 06-09 S2000, 06-14 TSX, and 13-15 ILX and we’d like to introduce you to it!


Due to our relationship with Skunk2 Racing and their STRONG brand presence, we have found ourselves explaining the differences pretty frequently. The overall consensus from consumers is... the Grams Performance & Design and Skunk2 Racing DBW throttle body is one in the same. Read on and we think you will agree that it’s not the same old part, that it’s not even a redesign, it’s a whole new product!

The first thing that should stand out (besides the packaging) is that the Grams Performance & Design Throttle Body has a bright bore and throttle plate. The bore is bright because it has a machined finish, meaning no anodize and the throttle plate is aluminum. We anodized the throttle body and then finish machine the bore for dimensional accuracy; something anodizing changes as the material builds up, leading to small variations and potential headaches. The aluminum throttle plate is considerably strong than brass and yields a higher bend strength. A big plus for those with forced induction.

Photo May 09, 2 03 08 PM

The next most obvious difference is the Grams Performance & Design Throttle Body is COMPLETE! These throttle body's come assembled, calibrated, and ready to run. Unlike the Skunk2 Racing throttle body which required consumers to disassemble their OEM units and transfer over the critical parts that make it work. By including all the necessary electronics Grams Performance & Design has eliminated installation errors as well as compatibility/ calibration issues.

Photo May 09, 2 07 25 PM

The Grams Performance & Design Throttle Body includes an responsive hi-torque motor, a programmable chip that allows us to upload our custom calibration, and a hall effect TPS sensor for the most reliable and accurate feedback on throttle position.


Last and probably the least noticeable (in these pictures) is the difference between the two housings. The Grams Performance & Design Throttle Body has an overall smoother, more aesthetically pleasing look, that can really be appreciated once you get your hands on one.

Photo May 09, 2 09 22 PM

The improvements to the throttle plate, bore finish, and machining as well as supplying a hi-torque motor and Hall Effect TPS make the Grams Performance & Design Throttle Body the most complete high performance throttle body on the market! Ready to run out of the box, calibrated for your application, and being packaged with all necessary mounting hardware, adapters and gaskets at the same price point as the old Skunk2 Racing throttle body makes these a tremendous value! We have them in stock and ready to ship!!

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