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  Grams Performance& Design in-line fuel filters are a necessity for AL...


Grams Performance& Design in-line fuel filters are a necessity for ALL your performance builds!

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The trouble with choosing a filter for your fuel system is... that you can't just choose one!

The Grams Performance & Design 100-micron filter is a pre-filter. A pre-filter can either be placed inline prior to the pump if the pump is externally mounted or after the pump if the pump is still mounted in the fuel tank and using a strainer. Regardless of method used... a 100-micron filter should not be your only filter!

The large particles that make it past your 100-micron filter are all big enough to wreak havoc on your fuel injectors in very short time and unless you like rebuilding motors (worst case) or constantly sending injectors out to be cleaned (best case); the best way to avoid these troubles is to add a 20-micron filter somewhere between the 100-micron filter and the fuel injectors.

Now... you may be thinking, "why not just use a 20-micron filter before or after the pump and just use one?".


Using a 20-micron filter as a whole system filter would indeed keep the fuel going in or out of the pump clean but it won’t be long before you start to experience a loss in fuel flow (if not immediately) or possible pump failure due to the small screen size restricting flow or loading up very quickly!

The 100-micron filter catches the bigger stuff but still allows for good fuel flow... the smaller 20 micron filters job is to stop the small stuff that can/ will affect the fuel injectors. Placing the 20-micron filter in a convenient place will allow you to service the filter easily and often.