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Control your fuel system with the Grams Performance fuel pressure regulator. These regulators feature a black anodized top and high quality 6061 hard anodized aluminum bottom. At the heart of the regulator is a durable custom diaphragm, a stainless steel internal orifice, and a high-pressure spring that allows for pressure adjustment ranging from 30 - 118 psi (2 – 8 bar). Each regulator features two AN -10 ORB inlets, one AN -06 ORB outlet, boost/vacuum port, gauge port and provisions for a mounting bracket.


• 30 - 118 psi (2 – 8 bar). pressure range
• Two Inlets at AN -10 ORB
• One outlet/return at AN -06 ORB
• 1/8” (3.175mm) NPT boost/vacuum port
• 1:1 Boost/vacuum rise ratio
• 6061 Hard anodized aluminum
• Black anodized top
• Compatible with all fuel types
• Rebuildable internals
• M6 x 1.0 Mounting thread size


Grams Performance regulators are designed
with simplicity and practicality in mind: a hard
anodized aluminum bottom allows for all fuel
types to flow freely through the diaphragm.

*Not recommended with a high pressure mechanical fuel pump.
*Compatible with fuel injection only.

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