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0-120 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge Zoom

0-120 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge



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Compliment your fuel regulator with the Grams fuel pressure gauge. This easy to read, matte black stainless steel gauge measures 0-120 psi (8.27 bar) and is silicone filled to accommodate applications with the highest vibrations. While adjusting the regulator, the Grams Fuel Pressure Gauge will provide you an accurate fuel pressure reading at a glance.


  • 0 - 120 psi optimized for Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Easy to read 1½” face
  • Matte black stainless steel case and bezel
  • Stainless steel and brass construction
  • Standard 1/8” male NPT fitting
  • Silicone filled for accuracy and vibration absorption  
  • Industry standard glass lens

DID YOU KNOW? Liquid-filled pressure gauges have an advantage of absorbing vibration and pressure spikes along with lubrication all moving elements. Liquid-filled gauges enhance the reliability of the system for longer periods under extreme operating conditions.

Universal Application

*Use Teflon Paste for sealing and to prevent clogging of internal orifice.

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